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PUBLICATION DATE: December 29th, 2020

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HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY to Christina Dodd’s latest novel, WRONG ALIBI. This book is on sale now!

Thank you to HQN Books for inviting me to be a part of this book’s blog tour and for the eARC of this title via Netgalley.



Perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd delivers an all-new thriller, featuring a bold and brash female protagonist.

Eighteen-year-old Evelyn Jones lands a job in small-town Alaska, working for a man in his isolated mountain home. But her bright hopes for the future are shattered when Donald White disappears, leaving her to face charges of theft, embezzlement—and a brutal double murder. Her protestations of innocence count for nothing. Convicted, she faces life in prison…until fate sends her on the run.

Evie’s escape leaves her scarred and in hiding, isolated from her family, working under an alias at a wilderness camp. Bent on justice, intent on recovering her life, she searches for the killer who slaughters without remorse.

At last, the day comes. Donald White has returned. Evie emerges from hiding; the fugitive becomes the hunter. But in her mind, she hears the whisper of other forces at work. Now Evelyn must untangle the threads of evidence before she’s once again found with blood on her hands: the blood of her own family.




New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd writes “edge-of-the-seat suspense” (Iris Johansen) with “brilliantly etched characters, polished writing, and unexpected flashes of sharp humor that are pure Dodd” (ALA Booklist). Her fifty-eight books have been called “scary, sexy, and smartly written” by Booklist and, much to her mother’s delight, Dodd was once a clue in the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle. Enter Christina’s worlds and join her mailing list at



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This book had me absolutely HOOKED! I loved the main character Evie/Petie. She was a badass protagonist and I loved her hard work ethics, and her determination to fight to the end and to prove her innocence. She never gave up in the toughest of times, and fought for what she believed in. She was a very interesting and likeable main character and I often felt back for her and some of the decisions she had made and the troubles she often found herself in.

I enjoyed reading her story as she tries to survive in the face of all this adversity. She did the best she could to be the best person that she could be and she was determined to bring Donald White to justice. Will she be able to get her revenge all these years later? 

An edge of your seat thriller that you will love, you need to read this book now, you won’t regret it!



Book Review: Red Hands by Christopher Golden @StMartinsPress @ChristophGolden @netgalley #RedHands #RedHandsBook #bookreview #bookreviewer #bookblog #bookblogger #booksonthebookshelf #netgalley


PUBLISHER: St. Martin’s Press

PUBLICATION DATE: December 8th, 2020

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Happy Publication Day to Red Hands by Christopher Golden! Thank you to the publisher for the eARC of this book via NetGalley.



When a mysterious and devastating bioweapon causes its victims to develop Red Hands, the touch of death, weird science expert Ben Walker is called to investigate.

A car plows through the crowd at a July 4th parade. The driver climbs out, sick and stumbling, reaching out…and everyone he touches drops dead within seconds. Maeve Sinclair watches in horror as people she loves begin to die and she knows she must take action. But in the aftermath of this terror, it’s Maeve who possesses that killing touch. Fleeing into the mountains, struggling with her own grief and confusion, Maeve faces the dawning realization that she will never be able to touch another human being again.

“Weird s**t expert” Ben Walker is surprised to get a call from Alena Boudreau, director of the newly restructured Global Science Research Coalition. There’s an upheaval in the organization and she needs to send someone she can trust to Jericho Falls. Whoever finds Maeve Sinclair first will unravel the mystery of her death touch, and many are willing to kill her for that secret.

Walker’s assignment is to get her off the mountain alive. But as Maeve searches for a hiding place, hunted and growing sicker by the moment, she begins to hear an insidious voice in her head, and the yearning, the need… the hunger to touch another human being continues to grow. When Walker and Maeve meet at last, they will unravel a stunning legacy of death and betrayal, and a malignant secret as old as history.



Meet Maeve. Maeve and her family are at a 4th of July parade in Jericho Falls. Out of no where, a car comes racing down the street heading towards the parade and the onlooking crowd. What the heck is going on, why is there a car speeding down the road during a parade, and why are they not slowing down or stopping? Horror and terror ensue as the car keeps up speed and strikes several in the crowd. Many are killed as a result.

Once the man in the vehicle gets out he comes into contact with several other people, that strangely die as soon as they are touched by his hand. As if that isn’t strange and intriguing enough, theis strange “power” gets transferred to Maeve herself, and then she finds herself fleeing into the woods knowing people will be after her.

I enjoyed how fast paced this novel was and the intrigue and mystery around what the heck was going on to cause people to die from a simple touch. I very much enjoyed Ben Walker’s character, he was very interesting and hard nosed and I loved how good he was at his job. After finding out this is the 3rd novel featuring Ben Walker’s character, I definitely want to read the other novels featuring him as well.

What unfolds is a major search for Maeve – Ben Walker, her sister, her sister’s girlfriend, and her dad, not to mention several others are all out looking for Maeve. Who will be the one to find her? Is her life in danger if the wrong people find her first?

I also enjoyed how the novel was told from various different POV’s. Parts are told from Maeve’s POV, parts are told from her father Ted’s POV, some from her sister Rose’s POV and parts from Walker’s POV. It adds to the dynamic and intrigue of the story as it all unfolds and I loved it.

A definite must read that I recommend you add to your TBR now!


MY RATING: 4/5 stars