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PUBLICATION DATE: April 21st, 2020

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HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY to this incredible novel by Christina Dalcher! Thank you to Berkley for inviting me on this blog tour and for the ARC of this novel via NetGalley.



Every child’s potential is regularly determined by a standardized measurement: their quotient (Q). Score high enough, and attend a top tier school with a golden future. Score too low, and it’s off to a federal boarding school with limited prospects afterwards. The purpose? An improved society where education costs drop, teachers focus on the more promising students, and parents are happy.

Elena Fairchild is a teacher at one of the state’s elite schools. When her nine-year-old daughter bombs a monthly test and her Q score drops to a disastrously low level, she is immediately forced to leave her top school for a federal institution hundreds of miles away. As a teacher, Elena thought she understood the tiered educational system, but as a mother whose child is now gone, Elena’s perspective is changed forever. She just wants her daughter back.

And she will do the unthinkable to make it happen.



After reading Dalcher’s first novel, Vox (and LOVING it!) I was thrilled when I heard about her newest title, MASTER CLASS. Master Class takes us into a different type of world, a world where the types of schools we attend are based on our Q-score. Have a high Q-score, attend the best school, have a low Q-score then you are taken away from your family and attend school at a federal institution.

I loved the main character Elena Fairchild. She is married and has 2 daughters. Her worst fears have come to life – her youngest daughter is taken away to a federal institution after receiving a low Q-score, and Elena is devastated. Her world as she knew it is all about to change and she races against time and her own husband to rescue her daughter and bring her back home safely where she belongs. Elena was a strong willed character, who fought for those she loved, for what she believed in, and for justice. I enjoyed her strong personality and reading about how strong-willed she was. She didn’t take no for an answer and put her own life on the line to protect those she loved.

I enjoyed reading about the trials and tribulations Elena found herself presented with as she tried to find her daughter and return her back home. She did whatever she thought was necessary to find her daughter, in the face of so much adversity, even going against her husband and colleagues. She didn’t stop in the face of so many obstacles and I loved her tenacity energy.

I enjoyed this book from beginning to end, and I am sure you will too!


MY RATING: 4/5 stars

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