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PUBLISHER: St. Martin’s Press

PUBLICATION DATE: April 13th, 2021

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Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for the eARC of this novel via NetGalley.



Twin sisters Fern and Rose are as different as they are close—Rose the responsible, married sister, and Fern the quirky free spirit. Rose has always protected Fern from their mother, who hid her sociopathic nature from the world—and from Fern herself…

Years ago, Fern did a terrible thing, something Rose has never spoken of. And when Fern decides to help Rose gain her heart’s desire of becoming a mother, Rose learns with growing horror that maybe Fern’s actions only have terrible outcomes…maybe the secrets Rose herself has been keeping are rising to the surface…and their mother may have the last word after all.



Twins sisters who are alike in many ways yet different as well. Rose is married and successful, Fern is single and can be awkward and quirky. They had a rough upbringing, their mom struggled with her mental health and they were often homeless and lived in a library from time to time. Their mother wasn’t the most stable and supportive role model in their life so they often had to reply on one another – mostly Rose looking out for Fern. Now that they are adults and Fern lives alone and has a job, Rose still plays the caretaker and looks after Fern as she feels it is her responsibility to look out for her.

I enjoyed how this novel was told from two POV’s – from Fern’s POV and from Rose’s POV as we reach entries in her diary. We watch as their relationship evolved from childhood into adulthood, and not everything is as it appears to be. We learn many revelations from reading the entries in Rose’s diary, that prove not everything is as it appears. Full of secrets, lies,, betrayal, and deception, this book will have you hooked as you read along and learn about Rose and Fern’s relationship, and find out who they truly are. Are they both hiding something? Which one can you trust to tell you the truth?

An enjoyable read that I highly recommend.


MY RATING: 4/5 stars

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