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PUBLISHER: Wattpad Books

PUBLICATION DATE: March 30th, 2021

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Thank you to Wattpad Books and Raincoast Books for sending me a beautiful physical copy of this book and also for the egalley via NetGalley to read and share my review.



Stranger Things meets the Netflix series Dark in this paranormal thriller where three mysterious doors in a highschool basement hold the key to unlocking the mystery of what really happened the night Marina’s brother died.

As the site of a former military base, there have always been rumors that East Township High School was the site of experiments with space and time. For years, students have whispered in the hallways of a doorway created within the school, one that can access multiple timelines and realities, a place known as the Down World.

As the new kid in school and still reeling from the unexplained death of her brother Robbie, Marina O’Connell is only interested in one thing: leaving the past behind. But a chance encounter with handsome Brady Picelli changes everything. He will lead Marina to a startling discovery. The Down World is real and the past, present, and future are falling out of balance.

Brady is determined to help Marina discover what really happened to her brother. However, what is taken from one world, must be repaid by another. And Marina is about to discover that even a realm of infinite possibilities has rules that must be obeyed. 



Addictive, enticing, entertaining, intriguing. This book sucks you in from the first page and demands your undivided attention to the very climactic ending! I loved the other-worldly vibe to this book and the dystopian like feel to the novel as the story unfolds. Imagine having three secret hidden doors that once you enter you can enter an alternate reality version of the world, different from your own. But once you enter it has consequences. You cannot stay too long, as strange things begin to shift and happen in the other world, and never, ever remove anything from one of the other worlds, no matter how big or small that thing might be… EVER! Or there WILL be consequences.

The novel is written in III parts. In Part I we follow Marina, her parents and her friends lives. Marina is new at her school at East Township. She is in high school (grade 10) and she quickly meets a boy named Brady on her very first day. They quickly become friends. One day she overhears Brady talking to another girl about the DW. Curious, she tries to find out what DW means, and finds out it means the Down World. One night she follows Brady and this girl to the old train station which turns out to be a portal to the DW. This location turns out to be the exact location where her brother Robbie died. In Part I we are introduced to the three doors in the basement of the school that leads to the Down World.

In Part II of the novel, Marina tells her father she is leaving to go away to “camp” and has a plan to sneak away with Brady and enter the DW in search of her brother, convinced that he is still alive out there somewhere. They are on the search for a group of people called The Mystics. In Part III of the novel Marina enters the portal at the train tracks in search of her brother. What she finds is shocking and disturbing, but exciting and new at the same time.

In a world where not everything is as it seems, and there seems to be infinite possibilities and choices to make, what choice would you make? Would you “rock the boat” so to speak and disrupt the Down World regardless of it’s consequences, would you leave everything good enough alone… what would you do? Would you enter the Down World? Would you stay there or would you retuurn?

I loved following Marina and her friends on their journey to the DW and reading their discoveries. It was an interesting concept for a novel and I loved reading along on their adventures. A great book that I definitely recommend!


MY RATING: 4/5 stars

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