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PUBLICATION DATE: December 15th, 2020

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Thank you to the author for the eARC of this book.



“Once you hear it, you can’t escape it…”

Something is luring people into the woods surrounding Providence … and they’re not coming back. When one of his friends becomes the latest resident to vanish, thirteen-year-old Jermaine is desperate for answers. The arrival into town of an enigmatic stranger piques his interest; her conviction about the cause of the mysterious disappearances emboldens his determination. Together with his buddies, plans are forged that will change their lives forever. One thing is evident: ending the mayhem will demand confronting the evil that lurks in the forest.

Five Little Monkeys is a suspense-laden, pulse-pounding nail-biter. If you enjoy thrilling horror stories, edge-of-your-seat suspense, coming-of-age journeys, determined heroes, and harrowing twists and turns, then you’ll love C. W. Johnston’s second novel. Buy Five Little Monkeys to end the madness today! 



I love a good thriller/horror/suspense novel and this book was perfect for that. What exactly is going on in the woods surrounding Providence. Strange things are happening, people are disappearing, and no one knows why, what it is, or how to stop it. Once you hear this certain sounds, that’s it. You cannot unhear it. That’s when strange things occur and you disappear. 

I enjoyed reading about the dynamics amongst this group of young friends. They are determined to stick together and figure out what exactly is going on in their town. I enjoyed reading about their meetings and their searches trying to play detective to uncover the mystery they found themselves in. Then when a stranger suddenly enters town, and has a sense of what is going in, your interest gets piqued. I loved the horror/thriller vibe of this book and the suspense of what exactly was lurking in the woods. What did it want with the towns residents. 

A super creepy, addictive novel that you must be sure to read. Just don’t read it in the dark! Lots of spooks and chills!


MY REVIEW: 4/5 stars

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