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PUBLISHER: Dreamscape Media

PUBLICATION DATE: November 27th, 2020

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Thank you to Dreamscape Media for the audiobook version of this novel via NetGalley.



When I arrive unannounced at my husband’s studio in need of a shoulder to cry on after hearing that my best student, Alex, has died, I see a pair of wineglasses drying by the sink and my deepest fear is confirmed: my husband is having an affair.

Most women would fall to their knees in tears and throw him out of the house – but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Instead, I go home and cook a healthy dinner for our children, walk the dog and unload the dishwasher without complaint. I will make him see that I’m still the woman he married; attractive, successful, the glue that holds our perfect family together. I need this marriage to work to protect a terrible secret of my own, something that would destroy everything I’ve already sacrificed so much for.

But when the police arrive at my door asking questions about Alex’s death that I can’t answer, and threatening text messages start appearing on my phone, I know that someone close has been watching me very carefully.

The truth is, there are three people in my marriage, but only one of them is deadly. . .



This book is full of edge of your seat, twisty, turny, oh my gosh moments that you will not see coming. Just when you think you have it all figured out, BAM you find out you are wrong as something else is thrown into the mix. I loved how fast paced this novel was and I flew through the audiobook, listening every chance that I got. I loved the main character Anna. She was smart and ambitious, but she was scattered, unreliable and all over the place, which made for a great book. Her student Alex has jumped out the window in front of her, she just found out her husband has been cheating on her. She has a lot going on right? Then she is questioned about Alex’s death. What is she going to do?

I loved how the story evolved and there was so much going on in this storyline that it will keep you interested and hooked right to the very end. You definitely want to add this book to your TBR, you will not be disappointed!

This is the first book I have read or listened to by Natalie Barelli and I was impressed. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of Natalie’s novels in future.


MY RATING: 4/5 stars

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