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PUBLISHER: Sourcebooks Fire

PUBLICATION DATE: November 3rd, 2020

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Thank you to the publisher, Sourcebooks Fire, for the paperback ARC of this title and for the eARC via NetGalley.



I know what I saw.

Nothing ever happens on Kasia’s street. And Kasia would know. Her illness keeps her home for days at a time, with little to do but watch the world from her bedroom window. So when she witnesses what looks like a kidnapping, she’s not sure she can believe her own eyes…

So she sets out to find the only other witness. The girl in the window across the street. The girl who was also watching when things went down.

But what Kasia discovers shocks her more than the kidnapping itself.

There is no girl. 



Thrilling, addictive, mysterious. I loved how this book kept me guessing. At times I believed what Kasia saw – that she did indeed see a girl in the window across the street. But other times I began to doubt what Kasia saw, or rather what she thinks she seen. Maybe it was a trick of the shadows and the light? After all, if there is a girl in that window from time to time, why do the owners of the house insist there is no one else there? The whole mystery vibe intrigued me in the novel and I loved that.

I enjoyed reading about Kasia and her story. The illness that suddenly appeared in her life and one that kept her home for days at a time. Some days were better than others. Some days she was able to walk around her home and go downstairs and join her family, other times she was bedridden for days at a time. It was interesting to read about the sudden illness that Kasia was experiencing in her life. She had a great personality as a main character. She was witty, determined to fight for what she believed in, she did not give up. She was loving, caring, and strong willed.

An interesting novel that I recommend.


MY RATING: 3/5 stars

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