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All Your Little Lies eBook (w Tagline)

PUBLISHER: Agora Books

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Thank you to the publisher for the invite to be part of this blog tour and for the beautiful physical copy of the book to read.



When everything you say is a lie, can you even remember the truth?

Annie lives a quiet, contained, content life. She goes to work. She meets her friend. She’s kind of in a relationship. She’s happy. Not lonely at all.

If only more people could see how friendly she is — how eager to help and please. Then she could tick “Full Happy Life” off her list. But no one sees that side of Annie, and she can’t understand why.

That all changes the night Chloe Hills disappears. And Annie is the last person to see her.

This is her chance to prove to everybody that she’s worth something. That is, until she becomes a suspect.

Drenched in atmosphere and taut with tension, All Your Little Lies takes a hard look at why good people do bad things.



Marianne Holmes - Author Photo (B&W)

Marianne Holmes is the author of A Little Bird Told Me, published by Agora Books in 2018. She was born in Cyprus and bounced around the UK, Germany, Kuwait and Belgium with her RAF parents as a child but is now firmly based in London with her own family. She has degrees in Classics (RHUL) and Linguistics (UCL), neither of which got much use while she worked in marketing.



This book! Where to start! I enjoyed reading about the mysterious and quirky main character in this novel, named Annie. She is so used to lies, lies and more lies, can she even remember to tell the truth? Does she even know what it means to tell the truth? Often misunderstood, and with a side of her that many people do not see, Annie lives a complicated life. Annie was a unique and interesting character for sure, so it was interesting to read about her day to day life as the chapters unfolded.

I LOVED the opening of this book. She broke into a man’s apartment – a man which she has a huge crush on. Inviting herself into his home while he is out, laying down in his bed, using his washroom, touching his things. It added to the suspense and mystery around how the story would evolve and spoke volumes as to just what type of character Annie is and her values.

When she appears to be the last person to have seen a missing young girl by the name of Chloe, she wants to do what she can to help. There is just one problem – her memory of that fateful evening is foggy at best. Determined to help and uncover the mystery of what happened to Chloe, she winds up being a suspect herself. Afterall, she only wants to help, not to be suspected in the girls disappearance.

A book that I highly recommend you add to your TBR list.



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