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PUBLICATION DATE: August 18th, 2020

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Thank you to the publisher for the eARC of this book via NetGalley.



The entire town thinks Sadie Saunders is dead. Missing now for a week, they say she was murdered. And they think they know who did it.

Aware of the suspicion that surrounds them – and one of them in particular – Sadie’s five best friends vow to find out the truth. So they pack their bags and set off for the woods where Sadie was last seen.

But what starts as a search quickly turns into something more sinister. Each of them has a secret, and they all know more about Sadie’s past than they are willing to admit. As the landscape opens up, and the darkness closes in, the reality of their situation begins to dawn on them.

It was never really a search party.
It was a witch hunt.

And not everyone is going to make it home. 



When one of your friends has gone missing from your group of friends, what do you do? Well you go into the woods where she went missing in the first place and try to find her of course.

This is the situation that 5 friends find themselves in. Despite police search efforts, Sadie is nowhere to be found. The group of teenagers think the police are looking for Sadie in all the wrong places, and who better to know Sadie and where she could be than those closest to her. Each of these teenagers has something to hide and makes you guess that either one of them could be responsible. No one can be trusted and believed, so who did it?

This book will have you engaged in the story, desperate to find out what happened to Sadie and who is responsible. I love a good who-done-it type of novel and this novel is just that. It keeps you guessing and second-guessing what you thought you knew, and is full of twists and turns that you will not see coming.

An enjoyable book that I recommend.


MY RATING: 4/5 stars

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