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PUBLISHER: Dutton Books

PUBLICATION DATE: August 4th, 2020

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Thank you to the publisher, Dutton Books, for the eARC of this title via NetGalley.



Charlotte, a midthirties Long Island woman, has felt so alone since her promising career in neuroscience imploded. But she has an online support group for trauma survivors; she has Rachel, a friend who has seen her through the worst of it; and now she also has Peter, a mysterious new boyfriend who has asked that their budding romance remain a total secret.

That is why she is too scared to report his disappearance to the authorities when he vanishes without a word.

Weeks later, police contact her to make an ID on a body and she fears the worst for her missing beau. Instead, she arrives at the morgue and feels a terrible relief when she sees a woman she has never met before on the table in front of her. But relief is replaced by confusion, then terror, when Charlotte realizes she has become a person of interest.

Why did Jane Doe have Charlotte listed as her emergency contact? Was it revenge or a warning? And where exactly does Peter factor into all this? As Charlotte becomes the prime murder suspect, she enters into a race against the clock to find truth about the dead woman and the connections they shared. But what she discovers is beyond anything she could have ever imagined.



Full of suspense and cliff hangers that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow along wanting to know what was going to happen next, and what exactly happened in the past that led to the events that are currently going on. Who is “H” that Charlottetown refers to and what does he know about everything that happened before?

We are introduced to several characters in this book but it is easy to follow along with them all and keep them straight. I found the characters, at least most of them, to be quite interesting and endearing, and to be quite likeable. We are introduced to many characters from Charlotte’s past, which for the most part are the most unlikeable characters in the book, but as you red along you will find out why. I really enjoyed reading from Detective Sylvestri’s POV as I enjoyed his character in the novel and he was an interesting and straight forward person. I enjoyed reading from his perspective and his take on things.

With so many bodies showing up in this novel, and must of the evidence pointing towards Charlotte, it begs the question – is she responsible? And if not, why does it seem that it all is surrounding her somehow? Who is the murderer, why are the victims targeted specifically, and who is next? A highly active, fast paced novel that I highly recommend.


MY RATING: 4/5 stars

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