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PUBLICATION DATE: March 29th, 2019



Graduating high school should have been the last step to getting out from under her step-father’s thumb, but somehow Taylor gets saddled with house-sitting for the entire summer.

It was going fine until the nightmares started, then that weird arch in the storage garage caught her attention.

Curiosity should come with a big flashing warning label.

Now trapped in another world, something is hunting her and her only allies are an inexperienced guardian and a perverted old monk.



K. MacBurn

Being from a small rural town in Nova Scotia Canada I was always on the lookout for new, exciting adventures. When I realized that there wasn’t a lot around I started to write my own.

Over the years I have written so many short stories that no one has ever read I took that next step and am sending a few into the world. Simple reads, that are boiling over with action and a little fluff are my goals in every piece while drawing from my martial art and Corrections background to put realism in fight scenes, and my antagonists.

In short, I hope you find the adventure you are searching for in my works.



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Gripping, immersive, and intriguing. Blood’s Nexus had me hooked from the start. What starts off as what should have been any normal summer for a teenager turns out to be not so normal for young Taylor. The synopsis of the book had me hooked. What could Taylor’s stepfathers arch in the storage garage be for? Why would he have it?

I found this book to be fast-paced and it had me turning the pages to see what would happen next. I enjoyed the mystery of the arch and this whole other world Taylor found herself in, as well as all the various unique characters we are introduced to in the story. All the characters have their own interesting personalities, and some made me laugh with their wit and spunky attitude. I especially enjoyed the guardian’s character whose task was to protect Taylor in this other world. Why would Taylor need protection in this alternate world? Who is on the hunt for her, and what could they possibly want with her?

Taylor herself is a badass female, and she was an interesting character in the novel. She was determined to fight for what she believed to be right and was caring and kind towards others. I feel bad for her having such an evil step-father. He was a mean character and didn’t seem to be all that fond of Taylor.

I really enjoyed the ending of this book. I did not see that coming at all! I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see where the journey and story takes us to next!


MY RATING: 5/5 stars

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