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PUBLISHER: Bloodhound Books

PUBLICATION DATE: May 20th, 2019


Hi everyone and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for the newest novel by author Alex Sinclair titled He’s At Your Door. Thank you to Bloodhound Books for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour and for gifting the eARC of this novel.



Karen Rainey lives a sheltered life on the edge of the city. For the last five years, she has rarely left the home unless it was unavoidable. She has her food and anything else she needs delivered to the front door. She works from home to avoid venturing outside.

But Karen isn’t agoraphobic. She’s terrified of her ex-boyfriend, Zach, who is serving a life sentence in prison for a string of bank robberies after Karen testified against him. With the constant threat that Zach might send someone to find and kill her, Karen keeps a low profile.

To aid her in paying the rent each month, Karen takes in the occasional housemate, opting for students from the local university. Her current housemate, Beth, is a young student who has no idea about Karen’s past.

But when a mysterious package is left on her doorstep, it sends Karen’s world into turmoil.

Has Zach found her?

Isolated and frightened, Karen befriends Beth but refuses to tell her everything about her past.

Trapped inside their home, Karen and Beth soon begin to lose their minds.

But is the threat really outside or is it closer to home?



When I heard that Alex Sinclair was releasing another novel I was thrilled as I have read his previous books and loved them all. This book did not disappoint. He’s At Your Door is full of twists and turns, and surprises that you will not see coming. I loved how the story kept me guessing to the very end, and it was such a gripping thriller it was a pleasure to read.

Trapped in their home, Karen and Beth who are roommates slowly feel like they are truly trapped forever and cannot escape. Prisoners in their own home, with a man outside who wants to get into the house, they feel like they have no where to turn. Will they be able to escape the man that is outside their door or will he eventually get inside their home? What does the man want with them and who exactly is he?

I loved how the novel was written from Karen’s point of view and how we learned about her past that lead her to who she is today. She feels trapped in her own home, and although she isn’t agoraphobic, she does not leave her home. She orders in food, works online, and rarely ever goes outside – all due to her past and her ex Zach, who is in prison serving a life sentence. I cannot imagine living a life where you feel trapped in your own home, never to go outside.

A gripping novel, that will leave you reading page after page and guessing the whole way through.


MY RATING: 4/5 stars



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