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PUBLISHER: Minotaur Books

PUBLICATION DATE: April 30th, 2019


Thank you to the publisher for the gifted eARC via Netgalley.



With a background in psychology, FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid is good at getting into the heads of killers and victims both. Still, her latest case is leaving her stumped. A third body has turned up in San Antonio—and it bears the same unique and troubling M.O. as the first two. The killer is clearly trying to send a message. But what is it—and to whom? All roads keep leading Lucy down a dead end. . .

The victims are all married men who led honest lives alongside their adoring wives, but have nothing else in common. When Lucy catches each widow in a lie, she realizes that things are not at all as they seem. What begins as a seemingly straightforward investigation turns into something far darker and more sinister than Lucy could have ever imagined. Can she solve this case before more lives are lost. . . including her own husband?



This is the first book in the Lucy Kincaid series that I have read and although it is book #15 in the series, you can easily read it as a standalone as I did. I really enjoyed the writing style of this novel and I am definitely interested in checking out the other books in this series.

FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid is a very likable character. She was very knowledgeable in her work and seemed like a kick ass FBI Agent. She knew what she wanted and how to get it, and was hardworking, determined, and not afraid for fight for what she wanted and what she believed in. This case baffles her. Three murdered married men, with no clues, no evidence, no DNA left anywhere, nothing. How can that be? Determined to solve this case, she sets off to uncover what truly happened and bring those responsible to justice.

Lucy is partnered on this case with a member of the local police department who has no use for her or anyone else from the FBI. He states they have messed up his investigations before and he would rather work alone. Despite this fact, Lucy grows on him, and it is interesting to read and their working relationship and seeing him begin to warm up to her and the idea of working with her, even though she is an FBI agent.

This case is more than just a murder investigation. It is not as cookie-cutter and straight forward as that, as there are forces more dark and sinister at work here. What that is exactly, Lucy is determined to find out.


MY RATING: 4/5 stars


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