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PUBLISHER: Simon Schuster

PUBLICATION DATE: April 23rd, 2019


Thank you to the publisher for the eARC of this book via NetGalley.



A timely and shocking thriller about a young woman who is the target of a social-media smear campaign.

Her perfect job becomes the perfect nightmare when a stalker hacks her phone.

Candace Walker is thrilled when she lands a new job at a hip Manhattan tech company and gets a brand-new iPhone. She’s more than ready to move on from creating clickbait ads for weight-loss pills and herbal erection boosters, and is determined to dazzle the startup team she joins.

A week later, though, everything is at risk: Candace is the target of a mysterious harasser and an online smear campaign. She tosses her new phone into the Hudson River, begins hiding out in her sister’s storage locker in New Jersey, and can’t think of a single person she can trust. But Candace hasn’t come this far—and gone to such lengths—to submit to what is happening without a fight.



This was the first book I have read by this author and I enjoyed it. I look forward to more books by this author.

Social Misconduct starts off with the main character Candace as she drops her phone into a river. She then takes a ferry to her destination, and is on the run from someone she believes is watching her and following her. This alone intrigued me and kept me wanting to read more. Is someone following her? Who would it be and why? And why would she drop her phone into the river?

This book is told in alternating timelines, and each chapter flips back and forth between past and present. I really enjoyed this style of the book as it allowed us little bits of information at a time and kept us wanting to read more to get all the pieces together. Slowly you get the full picture of what happened, and I find it adds to the suspense and leaves you wanting to know more, as you flip through the pages to see what happens next.

We learn that after Candace gets a new promotion at her job, she suddenly gets threatening text messages on her phone, saying that she owe this person and that if she doesn’t do as they say then she will pay! She thinks she knows who is sending her these messages and is confused why he is doing this to her and she thought they were friends. She soon doubts herself and wonders if she is wrong about the identity of the person sending her these messages. Is it truly who she thinks it is or is it someone else?

When you think about it social media can be a scary place, especially if someone gets your personal information and hacks into your phone or computer. I can’t imagine what that would be like.

Without giving too much away this was a great read. I was hooked and wanting to read more. Thanks for reading my review and hope you like this book as well.


MY RATING: 4/5 stars

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