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PUBLISHER: Grand Central Publishing

PUBLICATION DATE: June 19th, 2018


Thank you to the publisher for gifting me a copy of this book to read and share my review.



“…currently wanted by the police. If you know anything about the suspect’s whereabouts, please call…”

I look up at the TV screen, and my twin brother’s face is splashed across it, life-size. It’s a shock that makes my breath catch. This is my brother as an adult, my brother who I last saw fifteen years ago after the fire that killed our parents, covered in soot, clutching a lighter in his hand, his knuckles stark white against the dirt and ash. Everyone always said he’d grow up to be a heartbreaker. But his face has gone gaunt instead. The stubble on his cheeks and chin is patchy, and his eyes look dull and dark. My first thought is that it’s not him. Not my beautiful brother, the golden boy who everyone loved. Yet, deep down, I’ve always known this would eventually happen. What did you do this time, Eli? What the hell did you do?



This book is told in alternating timelines – parts are told 15 years before the fire, parts are told in the present 15 years after the fire. Bit by bit we get glimpses of what happened and get to piece the puzzle together to get a clear understanding of what happened.

What My Sister Knew starts off with Addie after a car crash. She wakes up in her car and starts to look for help, and wakes up again later in a hospital with no memory of what happened. Eventually she is released from the hospital to go back home with her adoptive mother, since her parents have died years ago in a house fire that was started by her brother Eli.

Addie is watching TV one day, and sees that her brother Eli is suspected of murder. Addie is contacted by the police, as the police think that Addie can help them find her brother Eli. What unfolds is a shocking tale of twists and turns that you will not see coming, and nothing is what it seems. Will Addie be able to help the police find her brother? Is her brother Eli innocent?

A great book that will have you guessing to the end, and will shock you with all the secrets and lies. A must read!


MY RATING: 4/5 stars

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