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PUBLISHER: Pan Macmillan, Publishers Group Canada

PUBLICATION DATE: December 26th, 2018


Thank you to the Publisher for the eARC copy of this book via NetGalley.



No one was going to replace her. Were they?

Carrie is a successful TV producer in a high pressure job. She’s talented, liked, and well-respected. She and her husband, Adrian, an award-winning screenwriter, decided years before that they didn’t want children. But now, just as they’re both at the pinnacle of their careers, she has discovered she is pregnant, and is shocked to find that she wants to keep the baby. But in a competitive industry where time off is seen as a sign of weakness, Carrie looks on the prospect of maternity leave with trepidation.

Enter Emma, the temp, who is everything she could wish for as her cover: smart, willing and charming. Carrie fears that Emma is manoeuvring her way into Carrie’s life, causing turmoil in both her marriage and her work as she does so. The problem is everyone else adores her . . .

Increasingly isolated from Adrian and her colleagues, Carrie begins to believe Emma has an agenda. Does Emma want her job? Or is she after even more?



I enjoyed this book from the very beginning. After Carrie finds out she is pregnant and decides to keep the baby, much to the dismay of her husband Adrian, the search begins for her replacement while she is away from work on maternity leave. The temp they choose, named Emma, seems perfect in every way. So much so, that Carrie begins to feel threatened by her. Does Emma want to replace her and steal her job from her for good? Does Emma have a hidden agenda? Or is Emma simply innocent, and is this all in Carrie’s paranoid mind?

I enjoyed reading this book and enjoyed hearing both perspectives. Parts are told from Emma’s perspective, and parts are told from Carrie’s perspective. There is plenty of lies, deception and betrayal in this book that makes for a great storyline. Strap yourslef in for one heck of a ride, as you sail through all the twists and turns. I liked Carrie’s character. She seemed like a kind, loving, hardworking woman who was successful at what she did for a living. She also seemed to be a good mother after her child was born. Her husband Adrian, however, was much more unlikable. He was a very unkind, mean man who made no attempt really to be much of a father to their child, and seemed quite resentful and regretful of the fact that Carrie got pregnant in the first place.

I was shocked throughout the book when I read the various twists and turns, especially near the end when the real shocker of a twist in the story is revealed. I did not see that coming at all. What a great twist it was!


MY RATING: 4/5 stars

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