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PUBLISHER: St. Martin’s Griffin

PUBLICATION DATE: March 5th, 2019


Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for gifting me an ARC copy of this book to read and share my review with others.



The truth is hiding between the lies.

What would you do if you woke up and didn’t know who you were?

Chloe Daniels regains consciousness in a hospital with no memory of how she got there. 
She doesn’t recognise the strangers who call themselves family. She can’t even remember her own name.

What if your past remained a mystery?

As she slowly recovers, her parents and sister begin to share details of her life. 
The successful career. The seaside home. The near-fatal car crash.
But Chloe senses they’re keeping dark secrets—and her determination to uncover the truth will have devastating consequences.

What if the people you should be able to trust are lying to you?



This was the first book I have read by author Michelle Adams and I can now say that I am a fan! Michelle Adams has such a way with writing that demands your attention and holds it the entire way through to the end. I loved everything about Between the Lies, and it was such an addictive read that I was unable to stop reading once I started!

Lies, deceit, betrayal! This book has it all!
Imagine waking up in the hospital with no idea who you are, where you are, or what happened to you… And then suddenly people enter your hospital room telling you that you have been in an accident, an accident that you have no memory of, and then telling you that they are your family. You family, that you do not recognise. They do not look familiar to you at all. You have no idea what your own name is, let along their names.
Chloe has no other choice really but to trust the things that she is told, not only from her doctors but also from the people who are telling her that they are her family. Family is about trust, reliability, and honesty. But if she cannot trust those claiming to be her family, then who can she trust? Are they telling her the truth or are they hiding things from her?
This book was an addictive read from beginning to end! I loved the character development we got to see as Chloe begins to adjust to her new life, and tries to piece together the pieces of her past. She is a strong willed woman who knows what she wants, and will stop at nothing to uncover the truth and get answers! No doubt her family is messed up and is hiding their own fair share of secrets. But if she cannot trust her family, then what is she to do? Which things are her family members telling her real and which are lies? Chloe is determined to find out!
A fabulous book that I devoured! I look forward to reading future titles by Michelle Adams!
MY RATING: 5/5 stars

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Between the Lies by Michelle Adams @StMartinsPress @MAdamswriter #BetweentheLies #bookblog #bookblogger #bookreview #bookreviewer #booksonthebookshelf

    1. Right?! Can you imagine waking up with amnesia and not knowing who is who and having to trust they are who they say they are, even though you do not remember them? I cannot even begin to imagine! You need to read this book I love it!


  1. This sounds good! I’m realizing more and more that I actually really do enjoy the amnesia/memory loss trope (despite it being mostly unrealistic in a medical sense as it usually happens, but I’m totally okay with that). I’m intrigued.

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