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PUBLICATION DATE: January 28th, 2019


Hi everyone and welcome to my stop on the Blog Blitz for the exciting new novel Black Matter by new author GD Parker. Thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources and the author for the invite to be a part of this blog tour and for proving the eARC of this book to read and share my review.

Happy Publication Day!!





GD Parker is the author of his debut novel, Black Matter. Book one of a three-part series that explores the depths of the unfolding high-tech world we now live in, making it a dangerous place.

The novel will be available to purchase in e-book and paperback formats on the Amazon store.

Gareth was born in the UK in 1981. A family man spent much of his working life in South Wales working in a professional capacity. One day he made the decision write about an idea he dreamt about.

Still working full time for a large organisation, he enjoys reading all manner of books, and spending time with his world – his family.

** Connect with GD Parker:

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The future is now… it’s terrifying!!! Humanity locks jaws with the ever-increasing human desires towards highly advanced technological innovations making the world a dangerous place. Unanticipated horrific consequences unfold for Tommy McGregor when he partakes in a new high-tech innovation to enhance his health and well being. He thought it would make him healthier, better looking and live forever…DI Valentina is out of her comfort zone when she’s tasked to track down a killer, unknown to her, hidden behind a digital mask. The future has already fallen upon humanity as she soon discovers, nothing is as it seems anymore as society embarks in technology that’s already here. A terrifying mystery, it feeds your imaginative mind’s eye – a fast-paced “who is it” thrilling crime, novel that will leave you guessing until the end, (or will it?) As it leaves the hairs on your arms stand on end as you uncontrollably turn each page in this 3 part series.





Wow what a book! I love a good book that sucks you in and demands your attention right from the very start, and has you hooked to the very end! That is very hard to do and this book did just that for me! I found myself addicted to this book and flying through the chapters, wanting to know what would happen next.

Imagine a world in the future where advances in technology have improved so much that it becomes dangerous? I was on the edge of my seat while reading this book and I loved that! Dark and terrifying, all in a good way. This book is a must read!

I enjoyed the whole “who done it” aspect of the book and you are left guessing who was responsible. There are several twists and shocking turns in this book that I did not see coming, and I enjoyed the shocking twist at the very end!

I enjoyed reading about the main character in the book, Tommy. He was not a very likable character but he was an interesting character to read about, and he was unreliable and his memory was spotty at best. He was full of surprises and you never knew what he was going to do next.

I loved reading about DI Valentina. I loved her spunky, no care attitude and her determination to get to the bottom of things, whatever the cost. She had a strong female lead role, and I enjoyed that, but she also was hard nosed and ruthless. She was a fantastic character to read about and I enjoyed her character.

I am thrilled that this is a three-part series and I look forward to seeing what the author brings in the next two books.. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series! If you haven’t already had this book on your to be read list, be sure to get your copy now! You will not be disappointed!

Well done GD Parker and I look forward to your next novel!


MY RATING: 4/5 stars

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