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PUBLICATION DATE: January 15th, 2019


Happy Publication Day!! Thank you to Tara from Berkley, Penguin Random House, for inviting me to be a part of the Blog Tour for Simon Lelic’s new thriller titled The Liar’s Room. I have read novels by Simon Lelic before and have loved them, so was thrilled to be invited to take part in this tour. Thank you to Netgalley for the eARC copy of this book!



Two liars. One room. No way out.

Susanna Fenton has a secret. Fourteen years ago she left her identity behind, reinventing herself as a therapist and starting a new life. It was the only way to keep her daughter safe.

But when a young man, Adam Geraghty, walks into her office, claiming he needs Susanna’s help but asking unsettling questions, she begins to fear that her secret has been discovered.

Who is Adam, really? What does he intend to do to Susanna?

And what has he done to her daughter?



This book! Wow! I loved the book from beginning to end. A Fast paced thriller that leaves you wanting to read more and more, and leaves you not wanting to put this book down! I devoured this book!

The story line takes place over the course of a couple of hours in the counselling office of Susanna. We get glimpses into the past to understand what happened all those years ago, then the book flashes forward to the present with Susanna and Adam in her office. Some parts of the story are also told from her daughter Emily’s point of view.

The book keeps you guessing. I thought I knew what was going on close to the beginning of the book, but I was wrong. I love a good thriller that keeps you guessing.

The main characters in the book aren’t without their flaws. Susanna has her fair share of secrets, not only from her past but in her present as well. What could she be hiding, and why? Adam is clearly a troubled teen, with a questionable past. He is dark, deceitful, vindictive and has an agenda. What does he want with Susanna?

Full of shocking twists and turns, with lots of lies and deception to keep you hooked to the very shocking end, this book is fabulous and is a must read. Be sure to get your copy of The Liar’s Room now, on sale today!

Thank you for reading my review and for stopping by on my stop of the blog tour!


MY RATING: 4/5 stars


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