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PUBLISHER: Grand Central Publishing 

PUBLICATION DATE: December 4th, 2018


Thank you to Grand Central Publishing and Hachette Book Group Canada for gifting me a beautiful paperback copy of this book to read and share my review. This cover is stunning and goes so very well with the story. I love it. I have read many books by Louise Jensen and I was thrilled to receive a copy of this book. Her books do not disappoint and I love them all – this book was no exception.



“You know that feeling? When you want something so badly, you almost feel you’d kill for it?”

Be careful what you wish for…

Kat and her husband Nick have tried everything to become parents, and are on the point of giving up. Then a chance encounter with Kat’s childhood friend Lisa gives Kat and Nick one last chance to achieve their dream. 

But Kat and Lisa’s history hides dark secrets. 

And there is more to Lisa than meets the eye. 

As dangerous cracks start to appear in Kat’s perfect picture of happily-ever-after, she realises that she must face her fear of the past to save her family…



This book…wow! Such an edge of your seat thriller, especially near the end when we learn about all the secrets and everything is exposed! So much lies, deceit and betrayal. I found myself literally turning the pages to see what would unfold next.

Kat and Lisa have quite a past together. The very best of friends, as close as two friends can get, only to go their separate ways and not talk for 10 years. Something big must have happened to separate the two, but what?!

We slowly learn what happened between Kat and Lisa all those years ago and the events that led up to the beginning of the end of their friendship as they knew it. Not only are Kat and Lisa keeping secrets from one another, but Kat and her husband Nick are keeping secrets from one another as well.

Both Kat and her husband Nick have troubled pasts and have had difficult upbringings with their parents, but neither wants to talk about it even though they have been together for many years. What could have been so bad in their past that they don’t want to talk about it and share with one another? As the chapters go on we get glimpses into each of their pasts.

I enjoyed reading into their pasts as it gives us a better understanding of what made them into the adults they are today. We learn what they went through as children, how they were raised and understand what their life was really like growing up. It helps us to better understand them as adults and how their experiences in their childhood has shaped them into what they are today.

The chapters alternate between “Now” and “Then”. Parts of the “then” chapters are from Nick’s point of view and parts are from Kat’s point of view.

Strange, questionable things happen in Kat’s and Nick’s marriage that makes Kat question her marriage and her husband. She thinks Nick is hiding something from her, but what could it be?

Without giving too much away I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the dynamics of their marriage and reading about Kat and Lisa’s friendship and learning what went wrong ago those years ago.

A great edge-of-your-seat thriller of a book with plenty of lies and shocking twists that will rock you and leave you wanting more!


MY RATING: 4/5 stars

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