Blog Blast & Book Review: Deliver Me by Karen Cole @QuercusBooks @QuercusUSA @MillsReid11 #DeliverMe


PUBLISHER: Quercus Publishing

PUBLICATION DATE: November 1st, 2018


Thank you to Milly from Quercus Books for inviting me to be a part of the Blog Blast for Karen Cole’s new book Deliver Me, and for the free eARC copy of the book to read on Netgalley.

Can we just take a moment to enjoy this book cover? I love it, and it fits so well with the title of the book and the story line that goes with it. Plus it is kinda creepy, but in a good way! 🙂




A gripping psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Teresa Driscoll’s I Am Watching You and C.L. Taylor’s The Fear.


When Abby’s doctor tells her she’s two months pregnant she doesn’t believe him. She can’t be –  she hasn’t had sex for over a year. But to her astonishment and dismay, multiple tests confirm it’s true.

Desperately searching for an explanation, Abby recalls New Year’s Day – the terrible hangover, the hole in her memory where the night before should have been and the inexplicable sense of unease – and realises that this baby must have been conceived at her best friend Danny’s NYE party.

Horrified that someone would have taken advantage of her intoxicated state, Abby enlists the help of Danny to find out which of the party guests assaulted her. But, when she starts to receive anonymous messages, it seems that while she has been looking into the father of her baby, someone has been watching her…




This cover completely drew me in and the caption on the cover – wow! This book was a gripping thriller from beginning to end. A young girl attends a NYE party, and a couple months later finds out she is pregnant but has no memory of how that could be possible? Not very much of a memory from the NYE party night in question? A recipe for a great psychological thriller for sure!

While reading this book I couldn’t help but feel so bad for Abby. She has been through a lot in her young lifetime and appears to be a lovely young woman, and then to find out she was pregnant and has no idea who the father could be or the night it could have happened? For sure a big nightmare! She is desperate to find out what happened that night as her memory is spotty at best, and is desperate to fill in the blank holes of that night by asking several people who were also there that night what they can remember and tell her about that night in question.

Piece by piece she gets little glimpses and answers of the night in question and is able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to get a little understanding of what really happened that night. She still has a lot of questions that remain unanswered though and is desperate to find out the complete truth.

Strange things start to happen though and she becomes suspicious of many different people. She receives flowers and other gifts from an unknown person, and she gets spooked out. Who would be sending her these things? Is the father of her baby doing this? And who exactly is he? Why can’t Abby remember?

Terrified to leave her house, as she has no idea if she is being followed and watched at all times. She is not sure who she can trust. Can she trust her sister and her brother in law both whom she lives with? Can she even trust Danny, her best friend?

Overall I really enjoyed this book and the suspense and thriller aspect of the book. If you haven’t read this book yet be sure to add it to your TBR list. Hope you enjoy this book!

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