Book Review: A Raven’s Touch by Linda Bloodworth


This book follows the story of the main character Justice St. Michael’s. She is 17 years old, soon to celebrate her 18th birthday, and cannot wait to graduate highschool and leave the small town of Fallingbrook. Her and her best friend Moira O’Fhey are bullied in school and have each other to rely on and help one another during these tough times.

Shortly before her birthday Justice wakes in outside, not sure how she got out there, and notices strange bumps on her back. With no idea how she got there or what the bumps are, she is confused as the last thing she remembers she has settled into her bed for a night’s sleep. Was she sleepwalking? What is going on?

She encounters a very attractive young man in school one day and finds out his name is Darien Raventhorn. But why is he talking to her? He is good looking, and wants to talk to her!? As quickly as he appears before her he disappears. Had she imagined it? Nothing is making sense to Justice anymore. 

This book was a gripping and thrilling novel from the beginning to the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the various characters in this book, and beware! There is suicide, murder and violence in the book, which is to be expected since Justice is a demon slayer.

I enjoyed the storyline of the book and learning about how Justice came to understand her true self and what that means to not only herself but her family and those like herself. Without giving too much away this was a fabulous read that I was more than happy to read and review. It was written in a way to keep your interest throughout, and even has some notes of love, friendship, and family ties. It’s not all killing and gore. This book was well written and I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series to continue on with the story and see what happens next.

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