Blog Blast: The Lost Sister by Tracy Buchanan Publication Day July 20th, 2018 @bookouture @TracyBuchanan

20180721_171301This was the first book I have read by Tracy Buchanan but after reading the description of the book I couldn’t wait to read it. When I got the chance to take part in a Book Blast for this book I was thrilled.

This book is written in alternating points of view. Parts are written from the point of view of Selma the mother and parts are written from the point of view of Becky the daughter. When Becky was just a young girl her mother met another man and decided to leave the family home, leaving Becky and her husband to move into a cave with this new man and several other people. Becky was devastated and hasn’t forgiven her mother for her choices. What kind of mother just up and abandons their family and their child? Especially to live in a cave?

As Becky reunites with her mother many years later her mother reveals a major secret to Becky. A big secret she has kept quiet for years.

I was hooked on this book from the very beginning. It was very well written in a way that keeps the interest of the reader and leaves you wanting read more to see what happens next. The pages were turning themselves and it was so hard to put down.

I enjoyed reading about the main characters and you cant help but empathize with the main character and mother in the book. At times I found myself confused and angry with her for her choices and her actions but as you read more you get a sense and understanding of why she made the choices she did and get to understand her a bit more.

The book has a lot of shocking twists and turns with a big oh my shocker moment near the end that will catch you by surprise.

I loved this book and it was a great read. The pace was steady going and I didn’t find any slow parts in the book which I love. Once you begin reading you are hooked as you want to know what will happen next.

If you haven’t read this book yet be sure to check it out. It is a fabulous read that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

Thank you to Bookouture, NetGalley and Tracy Buchanan for the free ARC of this book to read and review. It was a pleasure to take part in the blog blast.

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