Book Review: False Pretenses by Olivia Flaggert

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This book was a free book from the author Olivia Flaggert for review. Thank you so much Olivia, it was truly a pleasure to read.

False Pretenses follows the life of a young woman named Bella who works closely as a Marketing Assistant for Dr. Benson, a well-respected neurologist in a hospital in Texas. Bella loves working for her boss and loves her job. It’s the job of her dreams. She loves working so closely with the Dr. and she cannot believe how fast her career is climbing.

Then one day Bella comes across something belonging to Dr. Benson that makes her question the nice Dr. Benson. Does this actually belong to the Dr. or was it planted there by someone else to stage him? She is not sure what to do. Does she confront the Dr. and let him know what she has found and let him explain, or does she keep it secret and turn a blind eye?

I loved how this book makes you question if the Dr. is truly a nice man, who due to recent events is made to look bad, or if he truly is not the man she thinks he is. Should Bella be careful around the Dr. and watch her back, or should she trust him? It made me question a few times who was to blame and who she should watch her back around. A lot of “oh my gosh” moments that took me by surprise, with the twists and turns that unfold in the story as you read along.

If you enjoy reading thrillers then this is a book you have to read. Lots of thrills, suspense and shocking moments. With a big twist near the end that you won’t see coming, at least I didn’t. I loved it!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


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