Book Review: One Little Lie by Sam Carrington

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Once I began to read this book I was initially confused with how the story jumped around from one character to the next and it took a bit of time to figure out who was who and how they were all connected. It got a bit confusing until you got familiar with the characters, and there were quite a few main characters in the story. I struggled to get into this book, and I think the main reason was how it seemed to jump around from points of views of different characters. It was hard to keep them all straight and initially remember who each character was, and keep their story straight and separate from each other. Once I finished reading the book it was clear why it was written in this way, which makes sense at the end, but I felt it took away from the enjoyment of the book (for me).

There were several twists and turns in the book, which I really liked, and a few shocking revelations that I did not expect. It was an ok book overall, I just found myself struggling to get through it and make it to the end. A lot of parts I found were dragged out and took away from the enjoyment of the story.

Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher Avon Books UK for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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